ET Hydraulics sets the standard when it comes to providing superior automotive equipment sales and high quality service in the Pacific Northwest. Everett’s well-established background in the field combined with an exceptional business ethic that strives for quality and efficiency in installations, inspections, and repairs, distinguishes him in the automotive equipment industry.

ET specializes in automotive shop equipment, lube systems, exhaust systems, and compressed air systems.

We Specialize In
  • Lifts Air & Lube Systems
  • Compressors
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Annual Lift Inspection and/or Repair Certification
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Fluid Management Systems
  • Installation of any Brand Lift
  • Small-Medium Concrete Patchwork
  • Tire Machine Repair
  • Brake Lathe Repairs
  • Moving Shops


Products we Service
  • Challenger Lifts
  • BendPak Lifts
    Nussbaum Lifts
  • Samson Lube Equipment
    Roth Oil Tanks
  • FS Curtis Compressors
  • Bedford Precision Parts Corp.
  • John Dow Industries/EuroVent
  • American Lube Equipment SVI, International inc.


When Everett Taggart departed from his position as an Electronic Aircraft Technician with the US Navy in 1990, he put his acquired skills to use working for BCM Service and Engineering. It was at BCM that he became an authorized Rotary Installer. In 1993, he moved on to work at Walkers Hydraulics as a lead installer, where he gained proficiency in installing in-ground automotive lifts.

Everett and his wife Kathy relocated from California to Washington state in 1999. Everett was then employed at Equipment Sales Company for about six years before moving onto Complete Equipment Sales, where he worked until 2012. During the course of these latter positions, Everett began to recognize that he possessed the experience, talents, and qualifications necessary for starting his own company. The desire grew as customers persistently asked him why he didn’t go out on his own. With this encouragement and a spirit of entrepreneurship as his incentive, Everett started ET Hydraulics in 2012. Kathy resigned from her job in October 2015 and joined her husband in his independent venture as the company’s administrative assistant.

Everett and Kathy are happy to now be facilitating their own family-run business and providing custom, quality service to their many clients throughout the Pacific Northwest.